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Donald Trump referred to as off the deliberate assembly with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un yesterday due to a typical, belligerent assertion from North Korea. It was in all probability an excellent transfer to name off the summit; now North Korea is pushing for a brand new summit as an alternative of the USA being the keen one, which might be a strategic necessity. Unlike many within the media, I appreciated the letter that Trump wrote to L’il Kim, particularly Trump’s line, “I felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me.”

Since I’m cool with Trump’s response, I thought-about this to be one my my uncommon pro-Trump cartoons –however my drawing of Trump is unflattering so I doubt that the Trumpettes would see this cartoon as pro-Trump. We have a “Trump Friendly Cartoons” part on the entrance web page of CagleCartoons.com and I didn’t put this one there –there’s simply an excessive amount of anti-Trump taste, even in my pro-Trump cartoons.

It has taken me a very long time to develop a Trump caricature that I’m proud of. Cartoonists are nonetheless everywhere in the map on the best way they draw Trump, however the lengthy purple tie has come to be a standard system amongst virtually all the editorial cartoonists. I really like the lengthy, purple tie.

Here are a few of my “summit called off” cartoon favorites that got here in in the present day; this one is by Nate Beeler of the Columbus Dispatch:

This one is by Stephane Peray from Thailand:

This one is by Marian Kamensky from Austria:

This one is by Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

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