Who is DC Comics’ Telos? Yeah… He’s a Planet!

This video explores the skills, powers, and origin of the DC Comics character “Telos.” From his life earlier than New 52 as Arak “Son of Thunder,” initially not understanding his previous as he acted because the creation of the unique Brainiac, being one with and the omnipotent ruler of the planet named Blood Moon, faithfully serving each incarnation of Brainiac within the Multiverse, having conflicts with a number of superheroes and supervillains of the Earth-2 actuality, discovering the reality of his misplaced household and life as Arak by the machinations of the villainous sorcerer Deimos, turning from his loyalty to Brainiac, befriending the heroes of Earth-2 to defeat Deimos and set the Blood Moon’s captive cities free, working with a regretful Brainiac to stop the First Crisis, to adventures whereas looking for his spouse and youngsters; Let’s take a take a look at this redeemed DC supervillain / anti-hero, and heroic man turned powerful planet. This consists of a brief, canon character biography and my very own opinionated “Sage Rating,” which I exploit to provide scores of comedian books and science fiction characters.



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