Who is DC Comics’ Darkseid? First, Biggest, & Most Powerful “New god”

This video explores the skills, powers, and origin of the DC Comics character “Darkseid.” From being Uxas the youngest son of the legendary “Old god” Yuga Khan, envying and rebelling towards the rule of the “Old gods,” inflicting battle amongst them whereas taking the superpowers of a number of the fallen beings on this “4th World,” creating the brutal planet Apokolips and his personal Parademon military, endlessly in search of out the omnipotent “Anti-Life Equation” whereas conquering a number of worlds in a number of realities, utilizing his Omega Beams and different extraordinary powers to wreak havoc on Earth-Zero, Earth-1, and Earth 2, struggling his first main defeat by the hands of the Earth-Zero Justice League, therapeutic from his extreme accidents within the Mobius Chamber in Apokolips’ core, staving off plots by Mister Miracle and the Amazon warriors Myrina Black and Fury, he and Myrina’s daughter named Grail enjoying a serious position in his destruction by the hands of the Anti-Monitor and Black Racer throughout “The Darkseid War,” being resurrected as a toddler by Grail and quickly rising again to his regular self by consuming the life drive of unsuspecting demi-gods and gods, to numerous different battles with a few of comedian ebook’s strongest beings like Superman and Doomsday to Marvel’s Galactus; Let’s check out this basic DC supervillain, and the most important single menace to the Justice League and most civilizations of the Multiverse. This features a brief, canon character biography and my very own opinionated “Sage Rating,” which I exploit to offer scores of comedian books and science fiction characters.



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