Top 10 Worst Moments in Marvel Comics

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Top 10 Worst Moments in DC Comics

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Top 10 Worst Moments in Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is accountable for an entire revitalization of the comedian guide business in the 60s, a number of the biggest and most beloved characters and superhero tales in historical past, and serving to to persuade the mainstream that comedian books are a professional artwork type. Their energy and greatness can’t be denied.

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10. Rape of Ms. Marvel (October 1980)
9. Clone Saga (October 1994 — December 1996)
eight. Iron Man: The Crossing (September 1995 — February 1996)
7. Heroes Reborn (1996 — 1997)
6. Chuck Austen’s X-Men (2002-2004)
5. Sins Past (August 2004 — January 2005)
four. Civil War (June 2006 — January 2007)
three. One More Day (November 2007 — January 2008)
2. Ultimates three (2008)
1. Ultimatum (November 2008 — July 2009)

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