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Picking up the place we left off final week, tonight’s episode “Trinity” exhibits everybody banding collectively, in some instances uneasily, to cope with the just lately united Worldkillers. But the most important struggles got here as everybody tried to navigate compromised belief and private doubt.

Lena’s introduced in and questioned on the DEO by Supergirl, Alex and J’onn. Alex and Kara’s belief in Lena has been compromised by the entire state of affairs—Kara particularly when it is revealed that Kryptonite was used to maintain Reign in verify. Lena claims that she used the final items from one of many storage vaults she inherited from Lex. This might be the most important supply of interpersonal drama within the episode because it makes Kara so uneasy that she asks James to interrupt into L-Corp to take a look at the vault and confirm the declare.

This feels rather more like an Alex transfer than one from Kara, however contemplating that is the one substance we all know of that may completely kill her, and Lena had been secretly learning somebody of Kryptonian lineage for a month, I get the place she’s coming from. Was it the most effective transfer? Probably not. I imply, I assume asking the Legion to scan for it wasn’t an choice…

Also, it feels a bit odd that Kara would put James on this place, however she might have assumed discovering out for positive can be a aid to him as nicely, particularly contemplating his historical past together with her brother. I might additionally perceive why she wouldn’t simply ask Lena to see the vault and ship some D.E.O. brokers to test it out. If Lena was mendacity already, what’s to say she would not present them the incorrect vault? Still, James was clearly conflicted, and understandably so, however perhaps they might’ve had a dialog about it as an alternative of doing what he ended up doing.

So, James, as Guardian with Winn offering help (from the Legion cruiser’s rest room that he did not know was a toilet), efficiently breaks in, however decides to not enter the vault. His reluctance was clearly fueled by his emotions for Lena, notably since Lena referred to as James to inform him the whole lot that occurred after she was interrogated. She was telling him after the very fact as a result of she risked all the things solely to fail, and she or he did it over the telephone so she would not need to see him take a look at her “like a Luthor.” I appreciated the vulnerability of this as one among her largest fears is being seen as or turning right into a super-villain like the remainder of her household. Let’s face it, it is the shadow continuously hanging over her burgeoning relationship with James. Being utterly trustworthy, no less than from an emotional perspective, is one thing Lena appears to make use of to floor herself and maintain her from going darkish (or too darkish anyway).

This entire state of affairs is a reasonably big deal as a result of James lies concerning the vault being all clear, and finally ends up telling Lena he is Guardian and that Supergirl requested him to interrupt within the vault. So, I imply, yay for them being trustworthy with one another and taking one other massive step of their relationship, however DUDE. I imply, I determine she probably already is aware of Kara is Supergirl identical to she knew Alex was a D.E.O. agent (however did not say something because it was Alex’s place to inform her), but when not, this looks like a step within the course of Lena discovering out. I imply, if everybody Kara has an in depth relationship with works for the D.E.O. or is a masked adventurer, Lena is certain to assume one thing is up.

But the most important reveal comes after James’ Full Honesty second: Lena confesses that she did not discover the Kryptonite, she made it. I assume now we all know why she was actually afraid of going to the D.E.O. What’s most fascinating about that is it cements Lena as being the apex mind within the household as, to my information, nobody has efficiently synthetically created Green Kryptonite. Also, and perhaps most significantly, this at the side of her knowledge and information of Reign might be the important thing to not solely defeating her, however saving Sam.

Quick Bits

  • Again, I need to acknowledge how nice Odette Annable, Krys Marshall and Angela Zhou are of their elements. Highlights: Pestilence’s self-satisfied description of killing her human aspect; Sam and Julia struggling to remain anchored within the Dark Valley; and Sam and Julia taking up their empowered our bodies. Since Purity and Pestilence aren’t going to be round anymore, I hope they get a shot at headlining one thing within the motion/journey realm.
  • So, Reign is technically the one Worldkiller left, however the “essences” of Purity and Pestilence went into her. Does this imply the Reign is even stronger now? Does it imply that she has all three of their powers? Does it imply they are often reborn one way or the other? At least one among these are more likely to be true. I assume we’ll discover out when Reign tries to kill Ruby.
  • I introduced up earlier than that Ruby is half Kryptonian. If she has powers, that is doubtless when they’ll manifest. I do marvel if her DNA will by some means be useful in saving Sam/Reign. I additionally marvel if her dad is only a common previous Earthling or perhaps one of many aliens which were hiding on Earth for many years? That’s in all probability a step too far however it’s an fascinating risk..
  • I recognize Lena’s respect for different individuals’s secrets and techniques. She additionally did an incredible job of countering most of the accusatory questions lobbed at her with logic and empathy.

  • There’s one thing concerning the Dark Valley that jogs my memory of the Phantom Zone design from the Supergirl film.
  • Quote of the Episode: “Is this what it’s like when humans exercise? It’s terrible. Why would humans do this?” – Supergirl
  • Winn made Alex a go well with and it is about time! We’ve but to study precisely what it does, however her new blaster is fairly darn cool.
  • Where did Thomas Coville go? I am assuming he did not die when the Dark Fortress collapsed. And what, precisely, has he been doing this entire time? I nonetheless marvel if he is solely serving to as a option to elevate Supergirl into the savior standing he imagines her to be.

  • Pestilence is lifeless now, allegedly. So, what does the Legion do now? “Can we even get home,” Mon-El asks Imra, who responds that Brainy will discover a method. We do not understand how time journey works on this this actuality, so having modified one thing so huge, how will the longer term change? And will Mon even return? They’re undoubtedly constructing to some sort of…one thing there with he and Imra.
  • In the comics, Imra is usually married to fellow founding Legionnaire Garth Ranzz, aka Lighting Lad. It’s potential he will be introduced into the combination. I do not understand how I might really feel if they’ve Mon and Imra break up and he and Kara get again collectively very quickly after, although. 

So much occurred this episode! Were you stunned to see two of the Worldkillers dispatched so quickly after they united? What do you consider the alternatives Kara, James and Lena made? Any predictions on what might occur to Ruby or anything? Share your ideas under!

Tamara Brooks covers Supergirl as part of the #DCTV Couch Club. Look for Tamara on Twitter at @MisfitsTamara. Supergirl airs Mondays at eight p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on The CW. 

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