Supergirl: And Then There Were Three

We’ve been ready for the reveal of Pestilence, the ultimate Kryptonian Horsewoman, and this week’s Supergirl introduces her eventually.

Titled “Of Two Minds,” a mysterious contagion breaks out within the metropolis whereas Lena continues her work with Sam in secret. The episode’s identify is each figurative and literal as Kara and Imra conflict over one of the simplest ways to cope with Pestilence and Sam mentally confronts Reign. There can also be the widespread thread of Lena and Kara each being decided to save lots of the human sides of Pestilence and Reign.

What’s most fascinating about Lena on this respect is her firmly believing and insisting that solely she might assist Sam, dismissing the suggestion to go to Alex and/or Supergirl and ask for assist. Why does she really feel this manner? I imply, Lena had a strong level (or, maybe higher, a legitimate worry) that stepping into with none concrete plan would in all probability result in Sam being locked up, however that does not imply they would not assist her. Is she merely afraid of Sam being taken away, or is there one thing extra difficult happening? I doubt Lena cares concerning the potential repercussions for herself and I do not assume it is a case of basic Luthor hubris both. It’ll be fascinating seeing how this all performs out subsequent episode. She’ll definitely be getting lectured by Supergirl and Alex and maybe even James (who’ll probably additionally get an earful for figuring out she was “helping an employee”).

Kara and Imra’s differing approaches have been making an attempt to succeed in the human aspect of Pestilence and straight up killing her to save lots of tens of millions sooner or later, respectively. Mon-El, mentioning that every thing the Legion stands for was based mostly on Supergirl’s instance, suggests Kara might know greatest, however Imra is undeterred and denies being swayed by private emotions.

What was shocking and truly fairly spectacular was Imra truly went by way of together with her try once they all lastly fought. Usually heroes could have a change of coronary heart on the final second, however she was steadfast. It was the difficult character selection, and I respect that. It resulted in getting the DNA pattern they wanted to remedy all of the contaminated individuals within the metropolis, however that would have been completed by some other variety of non-theoretically-lethal methods (a blood droplet from an damage or a strand of hair somebody grabbed in the course of the struggle, and so forth.). We’ll see how this impacts them as extra fights loom sooner or later.

As for Pestilence, after a misdirect, her human id is revealed as Dr. Grace Parker, who we’ve not met earlier than. Recently awoken, she goes after well being care profiteers and is relieved to not should attempt to save individuals’s lives anymore, a twisted mirror model of her former self. Angela Zhou did an awesome job within the episode, enjoying the least conflicted of the three Worldkillers. There was a second the place it appeared like Supergirl was getting by means of to Grace and Angela actually nailed that glint of humanity that got here via (which can or might not have been a lure to attempt to infect Kara).

Pestilence was efficiently injected with the Legion’s method, which was having some impact till Purity confirmed up. I am curious if this implies she now has an immunity to it or if their interference now truly results in her turning into Blight sooner or later. Time journey is humorous in that approach and it is already been established that they’ve only a few historic data from this period. Hmmm…

Also, with the Worldkillers on their approach to L Corp, Supergirl, Mon, J’onn and Imra arrive to seek out Sam there. Before Lena can clarify, Purity and Pestilence arrive and Reign is efficiently damaged out—the trio of Worldkillers lastly collectively and stronger than earlier than. Hopefully, Lena obtained some additional knowledge out of that as a result of she’s about to have some critically uncomfortable conversations.

Quick Bits

  • We discovered much more about what occurs to Sam when she transforms into Reign. Lena says the “Dark Valley” the place Sam’s consciousness goes is actually one other dimension. It’s additionally the place Reign is, and because the Worldkiller’s consciousness is being suppressed as Lena gathers knowledge, the 2 halves can truly work together. Odette Annable continues to crush this position, successfully portraying Sam’s worry, willpower and bravado. Of notice, Reign makes an attempt to persuade Sam to “surrender” to this energy she might have, but in addition threatens to kill Ruby, which can possible be a key mistake.
  • We, and Kara, study on the finish of the episode that Imra’s sister is a future sufferer of Pestilence (aka Blight). It was what Psi confirmed her once they clashed again at Fort Rozz and explains why she’s additional motivated to finish their mission (and her more and more confused demeanor). I favored seeing Kara and Imra bonding and never having it’s over Mon. Not many exhibits keep away from that lure.
  • Winn was one of many contaminated individuals, and speaking to James, says he realized a lot of his baggage was tied to his mom’s abandonment, however he did all proper regardless of it. He has buddies and ambitions, however feels prefer it’s too late. James reassures him that it is not. It was a heavy scene that was very properly acted by Jeremy Jordan and Mehcad Brooks. I hope that a number of the scientific developments that Winn spoke of issue into the remainder of the season someplace.

  • J’onn continues to be serving to his father by means of his reminiscence loss, having the identical conversations each morning as a result of there’s all the time hope (discovered within the occasions M’yrnn remembers they usually snort about it). I simply need to hug them.
  • Braniac 5 has a human disguise! He determined to make use of a picture inducer when he freaked a bunch of individuals out at a retailer. Winn was the one one who acknowledged Brainy instantly.
  • An roughly 98 vs. 52 % probability of stopping Blight—kill vs. save. Oof! Talk a few exhausting selection for a hero.
  • Quote of the Episode: “Facetiousness. It’s my greatest weakness.” – Brainy. Runner-up: “It’s a short-term trend.” – Mon, explaining social media to Brainy.
  • Pestilence was on the ropes till Purity appeared. Being collectively boosted their collective power, which isn’t an awesome signal.

Do you agree with Imra’s actions? What’s up with Lena not eager to work with Alex and Supergirl? What do you assume the Worldkillers will do subsequent? Let’s hear all of your ideas and theories!

Tamara Brooks covers Supergirl as part of the #DCTV Couch Club. Look for Tamara on Twitter at @MisfitsTamara. Supergirl airs Mondays at eight p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on The CW. 

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