Obituary – A Grave Beginning (Cartoon Series Pilot)

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Scripts, Art & More:

Kellie Whisler || June Crocker, Sandy, Lady Plume
Kimia Behpoornia || Blatsy, Hillary, Student #2
Ashley Strumwasser || Lisa Rose
Catie Wayne || Daisy, Violet, June’s Mother
Ari Stidham || Lester Catfield, Coach McKinney
Jordan Stidham || Trulish Gramplin, June’s Father, Student #three, Edmund, Clown Ghost
Michael Barryte || Vince Rasp, Student#1, Dmitri
Greg Wilmot || Protestant ghost/Skipper Ghost
Alex Faciane || Garbage Man Ghost


Art Direction || Joel Cheetham
Animation Direction || Jake Ganz
Backgrounds || Joel Cheetham

Eleisiya Arocha
Leah Artwick
Michael Azzi
Amanda Bautista
Ismael Bergara
Inbal Breda
Dave Bruno
Temmie Chang
Brandon Denmark
Nicole Derksen
Jermz Gallardo
Jake Ganz
Chelsea Gordon-Ratzlaff
Jacob Grannan
Jay Harden
Kelly Kao
Mari Kidder
Rinji Kim
Ryan Krzak
Blair Lawrence-Parnaby
Phui Jing Ling
Marie Lum
Nick McKergow
Cal Moray
Chance Mukai
Nicolas Ortega
Carlos Ortega
Rachel Paek
Caroline Ramsey
Sandra D Rivas
Nicole Rodriguez
Jennifer Strickland
Paul ter Voorde
Jaxxy Tomar
Javier Ulloa
Cassandra Urban
Cliff Walker
Kalen Whitfield

Original Concept Art || Louie Zong
After Effects || Michael Barryte
Sound Recording || Greg Wilmot
Sound Editing || Zachary Barryte
Sound Mixing || Michael Barryte

“Obituary – Main Theme”
Breakmaster Cylinder

“Virtutes Instrumenti,” “Sock HOP,” “Mesmerize,”“Longing and Concern,”
“Happy Alley,” “One-eyed Maestro,” “Sneaky Snitch,” “Smoking Gun,”
”Ghost Processional,” “Ghostpocalypse – 6 Crossing the Threshold,”
“Marty Gots a Plan,” “Take a Chance,” “Mysterioso March,” “Evening of Chaos”
Kevin MacLeod
Licensed underneath Creative Commons: By Attribution License

Spanish Translation || Carmen M. Carpena
French Translation || Jean-Baptiste Berges

The TOVG Office
Ryan Finnerty
Alex Kramer
Mom & Dad



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