NYCC 2018: “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” with Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche

At New York Comic Con 2018, Nickelodeon requested if we’d wish to interview Rob Paulsen (at proper in the picture above) and Maurice LaMarche (at left) about their work on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and that’s the sort of query the place we couldn’t say “yes” quick sufficient. Rob Paulsen serves as voice director and the Foot Lieutenant, whereas Maurice LaMarche performs the Foot Brute; animation followers will acknowledge the each of them for numerous roles, maybe understanding them as a pair greatest as Pinky and the Brain.

(Audio of the first half of the interview is embedded above, as a result of the interaction simply doesn’t carry over in textual content. Bonus fart joke squeezed in there, too.)

ANIMESUPERHERO: First query I’ve to ask, Rob, how are you doing health-wise? You’re wanting good.

ROB PAULSEN: I’m good. Thank you. I’m going to die some day however not from throat most cancers. I’ll expire earlier than the finish of this interview as a result of I’m in the presence of greatness with Maurice LaMarche.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: (Laughs) I assumed it was since you’re sporting flannel on a 105-degree day.

ROB PAULSEN: And his…his countenance is so all-consuming. No, man, thanks for asking. I’m nice. Your timing is superb, as a result of not solely are you talking with a pair of people who work on the present, however one of the causes and not the least of which, that I’m doing so nicely is my good friend Maurice LaMarche was completely supportive by means of my entire most cancers expertise. It was very troublesome and Mo made it quite a bit simpler. So I’m good.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: Thank you pal.

ROB PAULSEN: I really like you, buddy.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: I really like you.

ROB PAULSEN: Truth! But I’m good, thanks for asking.

ANIMESUPERHERO: We undoubtedly needed to know. So, Maurice, you’ve gotten labored with Rob Paulsen for therefore lengthy…


ANIMESUPERHERO: Has the directing utterly gone to his head now? What is it like working for him in the studio?

MAURICE LAMARCHE: He’s unbearable. It’s unbelievable. He wears jodhpurs to the periods.

ROB PAULSEN: Yes. And I’ve a driving crop.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: Riding boots and a driving crop.

ROB PAULSEN: I usually say issues like the following: “Excuse me, Mr. LaMarche? Do you recall that talent you had when we hired you? Could you use it on this next take? Thank you.” That occurs lots.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: It’s heartbreaking. It’s completely heartbreaking. First what he does is he breaks down an actor, and then he builds them again up once more.


Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMAURICE LAMARCHE: That’s proper. I’m putty in his palms. No, you realize what, it’s super enjoyable. I typically overlook he’s directing becuase we all the time go in the sales space collectively to play the Foot Lieutenant and the Foot Brute, so I overlook that he’s the boss on this one. So I typically fiddle with him a bit of and then I’m going, “Oh, no no no no…right.” Like, “you’re telling me how to do this?” And then I’m like, “Oh, yes, on this one you CAN tell me how to do this.”

ROB PAULSEN: The proper studying…

MAURICE LAMARCHE: “The right reading for this is the one I’m giving you.” But I don’t go all Orson Welles on him as a result of on this present, he’s the boss and I take heed to him.

ROB PAULSEN: It’s such a pleasure!

MAURICE LAMARCHE: So we have now enjoyable, each appearing and being directed by him as a result of he’s a terrific director. He speaks the actor’s language. So he doesn’t say, “Louder, softer” or “emphasize the ‘in’ before ‘July,’”. He’ll say, “You’re a little angrier here.”

ROB PAULSEN: Plus, if you’re dealing with a man like Maurice, and it’s true of any of the good people we’ve needed to come on…Mo has so many arrows in his quiver, and I’ve labored with him so many occasions. It’s like, “Hey, Mo, you know you did that thing…” “Oh yeah.” “Could you try it on this one?” “Sure!” It’s really easy.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: We have a shorthand, after working collectively for 20 years.

ROB PAULSEN: I do know what he can do. And it’s simply…it’s actually enjoyable. Half the time there are issues that don’t find yourself in the present as a result of I say, “Hey Mo, do that thing that you can do,” and he does and Ant and Andy go, “Oh my GOD, that’s so FREAKING COOL!” Or “do one thing from Futurama” as a result of everybody’s a fan of Mo’s, in order that stuff pops up. It’s easy.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesANIMESUPERHERO: How has that adjustment from the appearing to the directing aspect been for you? Are there belongings you’re doing now since you’re saying, “Man I really wish that people would be doing this when I was behind the glass being directed?”

ROB PAULSEN: Oh, fascinating. I don’t assume I can say that too actually because I’ve actually gotten to work with fantastic administrators. The man who gave me my first actual shot was Gordon Hunt, who was a reasonably exceptional director in his personal proper and was primarily Andrea Romano’s mentor. And then Mo and I and a bunch of others all type of grew up with Andrea, we’re all the similar age. And all of us labored collectively on the similar stuff. Between Andrea and Ginny McSwain and Gordon Hunt and Kelly Ward…Peter Hastings, individuals who we’ve labored with many, many occasions. These people have all been friends and it wasn’t like we had anyone speaking right down to us. We’ve all discovered at the ft of the masters. Maurice might completely do that.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: I can’t do that.

ROB PAULSEN: Yeah you can.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: No, no. I actually couldn’t.

ROB PAULSEN: I’ve been given an actual nice alternative. So it’s not like I’m saying, “Boy, I’m going to tell people how to do it,” or train them how one can do it the method I want I’d been taught, as a result of the greatest administrators know how one can get what the individuals footing the invoice need, and additionally permit individuals like Kat and Omar and all these fantastic actors to have their head. The cause they received the gig is as a result of they know what they’re doing. I’m not going to inform them tips on how to do it. I’m going to hopefully information them in such a method that everyone will get what they need and the followers see what it’s about these actors that obtained them the job in the first place. And that’s what I hope I’m doing.

ANIMESUPERHERO: So you’re not likely countering the unfavourable examples as a lot as channeling the constructive examples you’ve had all through your profession.

ROB PAULSEN: Oh no, no no. In reality, it may possibly’t be unfavourable. And to be truthful, Mo and I’ve each had circumstances the place we’ve had administrators who stated, “Don’t do that.” When you say to an actor or any artist, particularly one who’s simply beginning out, “No no no, don’t do that, do you have something else?” Immediately that connotes a adverse. And there are actors — and we have been that method years in the past — the place you’re taking it personally. An excellent director says, “All right, I got that. That was interesting. Now let’s try…” Or “you did something before, do more of that.” It’s all the time about fascinating, even in case you didn’t prefer it.

You additionally know individuals that you could screw round with. I can mess with Maurice and different actors and say, “Oh, my God. Can you sober up and do it right?” But you don’t do this with individuals you don’t know and you don’t presume that your personal self-aggrandizement goes to be accepted in a jovial method, you recognize what I imply? I might by no means presume that actors would say, “Oh, I know who you are, so you can mess with me.” I don’t need to strategy it negatively. I need to make them snug, as a result of finally then they’ll do no matter you need. Sean Astin, who’s an on-camera man, is now a voice man as a result of he’s achieved quite a bit of this and trusts what we do. But Billy West and John DiMaggio and Maurice LaMarche and Tress Macneille are all like, “Yeah, let’s start playing.” And they’ve hundreds of episodes between them. They know what they’re doing. You don’t have to inform them easy methods to do it. Just say, “That’s great, would you try this?” and they’ll say “Sure.” So yeah, it’s not about being destructive, ever.

ANIMESUPERHERO: For the each of you, how would you say the voiceover enterprise for the actors has modified over time? Where is it now in comparison with the place it was once you guys have been beginning out?

MAURICE LAMARCHE: There are extra individuals doing it. I used to be informed that in 1980, it was perhaps 20 individuals doing all of it. When I received into it in 1985, the group had grown to perhaps 40 individuals doing all of it. Now there’s in all probability a group of union actors, and I’ll differentiate between SAG-AFTRA union actors and all the individuals doing it of their basements round the nation. And that’s simply business and small narration voiceovers, and then there are the individuals in Texas and the right-to-work states who’re voicing anime. There’s actually a number of hundred to a thousand of these individuals. At least a pair of hundred actually working SAG-AFTRA actors.

There’s additionally much more product on the market. When I began, there have been three networks and a number of syndication homes. Now, it’s throughout the place. That means extra work. However, most of the work is streaming and the streaming construction for residuals is just not as profitable because it was for a community present. So you recognize, in that regard, in a strictly monetary sense, it in all probability doesn’t take care of you in addition to it did in the 80’s, however there are extra alternatives to work. That’s the upside.

ROB PAULSEN: It’s about quantity.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: Yeah, and so we do get to go on the market and learn on extra issues, however there was a time the place for those who nailed a collection, residuals have been years and years and years. Now you get your cash up entrance and hope that one thing comes via in the approach of mailbox cash afterward. To be blunt about it.

ROB PAULSEN: But that’s proper. It’s modified rather a lot in that regard.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: And the humor is extra grownup. There’s much more adult-skewed animation humor. Even on exhibits that may bleep it out, they are saying, “Use the f-word. We’ll bleep it.”

ANIMESUPERHERO: Obviously not on Turtles. (Laughter)

ROB PAULSEN: Definitely not. We do overlook typically that we’re grownups and we behave like youngsters.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesANIMESUPERHERO: Anything else you guys are engaged on that you could speak about?

MAURICE LAMARCHE: We can’t speak about something we’re engaged on collectively, besides this. I’m fortunate sufficient to be engaged on Matt Groening’s present Disenchantment, the place we’re placing collectively the ending touches on the second installment of 10, and hoping very, very fervently for a season three. That’s been large. I’m on this present, and hopefully extra issues to return.

ROB PAULSEN: We simply received picked up for our second season of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m doing my podcast which I’ve been doing for some time now. My pal Maurice has been on it I feel three or 4 occasions. He’s my fortunate allure. That’s referred to as Talkin’ Toons, and it’s obtainable on the Nerdist, and they’ve their proprietary content material factor referred to as

MAURICE LAMARCHE: Where you possibly can see the video model of it the place it’s principally a TV present.

ROB PAULSEN: Right. it’s a TV present, and we’ve been doing it for slightly over a yr.

MAURICE LAMARCHE: Rob’s obtained a desk and he’s interviewing individuals.

ROB PAULSEN: It’s the biggest. I’ve had all my buddies on, and the individuals at Nerdist have been implausible. We’ve been doing that for a yr and change, we’re doing extra of these. There’s additionally Animaniacs Live through which myself and my companion Randy Rogel are doing the music of Animaniacs round the nation. Maurice LaMarche has been in the reside present and can be in future stay exhibits…

MAURICE LAMARCHE: I’m going to be in Houston with you guys.

ROB PAULSEN: Yeah. Houston in November. So go to and you’ll find dates the place we’re going to be doing it throughout the nation. Next yr we’re already booked.

AnimeSuperhero want to thank Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche for taking the time to speak with us, and the Nickelodeon PR group for the alternative. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is airing now on Nickelodeon. You can comply with Maurice LaMarche on his Twitter, and Rob Paulsen on his Twitter, his official website, and the hyperlinks above.

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