No Justice: In Which I Suddenly Realize I’m a Huge Fan of Starro

It’s week three of 4 for JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, which means that there’s just one situation remaining for the occasion and earlier than a entire new period of Justice League begins in earnest…and man, you guys. If you thought final week was a tough time for our heroes, this week is…properly…

I imply, let’s simply say Amanda Waller was able to name in a full-on nuclear strike on the Fortress of Solitude and that ought to put issues in perspective right here.

Meanwhile, again on Colu, the League spent their time studying a very helpful lesson about why they need to by no means belief Brainiac for any cause, in any respect. To recap simply how this specific state of affairs has gone down:

  • Brainiac “attacks” Earth and abducts numerous Leaguers, telling them it is for the great of the universe.
  • Amanda Waller, unbeknownst to the kidnapped League, kills Brainiac earlier than he can truly clarify his entire plan in what we thought was a transfer that was dooming everybody, however might have truly saved them. (Kind of.)
  • The League is left to scramble with solely half of the knowledge obtainable to them, making an attempt to determine methods to save Colu on their very own (whereas all of Colu is fairly unimpressed with their presence since they’re all sporting Brainiac’s tech).
  • Vril Dox, Brainiac, is woken up within the Tree of Entropy and divulges what the remaining of Brainiac’s plan truly was, and unsurprisingly, Brainiac had been manipulating them the complete time.

You know, perhaps I ought to retract that “unsurprisingly” since that is the place I have to admit that I was truly fairly shocked that Brainiac wasn’t making an attempt to be useful. Is that loopy? As Vril Dox laid every little thing out this week, I could not assist however really feel the mounting dread of having utterly purchased into such an apparent rip-off on reflection. Turns out I’m method too trusting to ever be a good superhero.

Now, main revelations or in any other case, issues are usually not wanting good. Despite their greatest efforts, it does not appear to be the groups have been truly capable of forestall catastrophe on Colu and to be utterly trustworthy with you, I do not know what occurs subsequent. What I do know is that Cyborg has an astronomical quantity of info floating round in his head, Wonder Woman proved herself highly effective sufficient within the realm of magic to energy a whole magic-based tree, and there at the moment are a bunch of completely new worlds (and new villains) drifting alongside within the universe after being free of their respective prisons. But Colu itself? That one may be a misplaced trigger.

I would not be too involved about Starro, nevertheless. It seems to be like he might have simply met an premature demise by the hands of an Omega Titan (hey, the primary on-panel Omega Titan casualty, no much less!). But in relation to the anatomy of big, cosmic starfish, I assume being torn in half is not precisely a deadly transfer.

…Hopefully. Maybe. I imply, actual starfish can regrow limbs and every little thing cannot they? So perhaps Starro can, too.

I by no means thought I would care about a megalomaniacal invertebrate a lot.

All the whereas, again on Earth, 4 new cosmic timber at the moment are sprouting. I’ll take a wild guess and say the one at Belle Reve is Entropy, the Tower of Fate is Wonder, the Fortress of Solitude is Mystery and the one at S.T.A.R Labs is Wisdom—sound about proper to everybody else?

Also, the Omega Titans are already right here, which leaves Waller and Ollie in a sticky state of affairs. It might sound a little dramatic, however Waller appears to be completely proper this time round—this actually may be the top of the world.

Start spinning up your theories concerning the remaining difficulty now. We’ve solely obtained a week to get them in writing earlier than we study the reality of the matter as soon as and for all.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #3 by Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Riley Rossmo, Marcus To and Hi-Fi is now out there in print and as a digital download.

Meg Downey writes concerning the DC Universe for and covers DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for the #DCTV Couch Club. Follow her on Twitter at @rustypolished.

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