Marvel TV and Movies ‘Different Worlds,’ Says Anthony Mackie

Even as Marvel’s Iron Fist lastly accomplished the sequence of Netflix heroes that may convey us The Defenders team-up, sure followers won’t ever hand over hope that the 4 might be a part of the bigger collective of cinematic Avengers. Sadly, The Falcon is none-too-keen on such a crossover, as Anthony Mackie dismisses Marvel’s TV heroes as “different universes, different worlds.”

The quote reportedly emerged from Mackie’s look at Wizard World Cleveland (by way of ScreenGeek, unaffiliated), whereby the Captain America and Ant-Man star pointed to Marvel film head Kevin Feige as having no enter on any of the TV properties, thereby discounting them:

Different universes, totally different worlds, totally different corporations, totally different designs. Kevin Feige could be very particular about how he needs the Marvel Universe to be seen within the movie world. It wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t work in any respect.

Naturally, Anthony Mackie shouldn’t be seen as the ultimate authority, and we’ve heard time and time again that the disparate manufacturing schedules make even informal references between the film and TV tales a logistical nightmare. Still, ought to Marvel TV think about dropping its fealty to the films altogether?

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