Marvel Comics : The One Above All | Comic Book History | Explained In HINDI

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** The One Above All **

Undoubtedly probably the most mysterious character inside the Marvel Multiverse. The One-Above-All has solely appeared and been talked about a couple of occasions.The-One-Above-All is usually unofficially cited as Marvel’s creator.The One-Above-All’s first look is taken into account to be Doctor Strange #13, written by Steve Englehart.The One-Above-All is Omnipotent (All Powerful), Omniscient (All Knowing), and Omnipresent (Everywhere). He is probably the most highly effective being within the Marvel Multiverse. He exists past area and time. His energy is limitless, incalculable and immeasurable, he can’t be broken in any method and he has management over all types of power.

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