Lori McAdams, ‘John Lasseter Protector’ And Key Figure In Illegal Wage-Fixing Conspiracy, Is Leaving Pixar

The lawsuits alleged that in her time at Pixar, McAdams repeatedly violated federal antitrust law by working with competing animation studios to artificially suppress the wages of animation staff and stop artists the liberty to hunt greater salaries by shifting to different studios.

McAdams not solely helped arrange the “gentleman’s agreements” between studios, however she performed the position of enforcer when studios didn’t comply with her unlawful scheme. When a Sony recruiter contacted a Pixar worker in 2006 to attempt to rent them, McAdams came upon and referred to as a administration exec at Sony to “tell them to knock it off.” She advised one other individual, “If you ever hear that the studios [who were part of wage-fixing agreement] are calling our people, let me know right away and I’ll take care of it.”

McAdams would additionally e-mail prime human assets executives at competing studios and inform them the longer term quantities that Pixar was planning to boost its salaries to make sure that the opposite studios wouldn’t increase them greater than Pixar’s. McAdams testified that she “knew it was important not to discuss what Pixar employees earned with someone outside of Pixar,” but she did that actual factor for a few years in her efforts to maintain the wages of Pixar staff as little as attainable. It must be no shock that Pixar is a vehemently anti-union firm and pays a usually decrease wage than the union minimums set by the Animation Guild in Los Angeles.

The roots of the wage-fixing conspiracy in animation stretch again to the mid-’80s when Pixar and Lucasfilm began an settlement to restrain their competitors for a similar staff. Perhaps it might be fascinating then to notice who the top of personnel at Lucasfilm was on the time. None aside from McAdams, who labored there from 1984-1998.

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