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This fan movie, “Daywalker: Blade Origins,” is neither endorsed nor affiliated with Marvel Comics nor Marvel Studios, and isn’t meant for business use.

Characters are owned by Marvel, and this challenge is a non-revenue fan movie made for followers by followers.

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“Daywalker: Blade Origins” is a fan movie based mostly on the origins of Marvel Comics’ Blade. Flashbacks present a feral younger Eric Brooks (Kal El Smith) who encounters a Vampire Hunter by the identify of Jamal Afari (Michael Monteiro). Eric unites with Afari who ultimately turns into his mentor and coach. Years later, an older Brooks (Byron Smith), who now is aware of he’s half Vampire and half Mortal, joins a gang of Vampires often known as the “Bloodshadows” led by Cyrus Cutter (Markiss McFadden). Brooks battles with the vampires together with dangerous woman Lamia (Moorea Wolf) who has her personal agenda for the Daywalker Brooks. Out of all the Bloodshadows, one notably catches Brooks’s eye– Glory Anah (Lamorae Siggal)– girlfriend of Cyrus. The two share hidden emotions for one another. With a lot at stake, Brooks fights his solution to finally turn into the hero higher referred to as “Blade.”


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