Arrow: Is Emiko Queen Joining the Team?

Arrow’s midseason finale ended with the revelation that the new Green Arrow was none other than Emiko Queen. But whereas we might know this, Ollie and the remainder of Team Arrow nonetheless don’t. However, it seems to be like that could be about to vary judging by the pictures launched from the present’s return episode, “Shattered Lives.” Emiko (Sea Shimooka) may be seen interacting with Rene and Curtis. How lengthy earlier than she joins Team Arrow? You comprehend it’s obtained to occur ultimately, proper? It additionally seems like Dragon continues to be in jail, who in contrast to Barry Allen and Supergirl’s Colonel Haley truly belongs in captivity (click on here and here in the event you don’t know what I’m speaking about—jail cells appear to be a factor in the Arrowverse unexpectedly). As for Ollie, nicely, he’s seen right here wanting forlorn with Felicity, however give the man a break. He simply acquired out of an intense stint in jail himself, adopted by a body-swapping romp by means of the Multiverse with Barry that maaaay have resulted in him making some kind of Faustian discount with the Monitor. The man’s allowed to brood a bit!

Arrow returns on Monday, January 21 at eight p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on The CW.

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