10 Powerful Magic Users In Marvel Comics

# 10 Powerful Magic Users In Marvel Comics :
Having already revealed lists concerning the bodily strongest characters within the Marvel and DC universes, we thought it solely becoming to take a look at characters from the identical comedian e-book corporations whose power is measured in a totally totally different approach – and we’re beginning together with your pleasant neighborhood Marvel characters!

Characters with esoteric talents are simply as outstanding in comics as these with the bodily may to maneuver moons and people talents can come from quite a lot of sources. For instance, the Silver Surfer will get his huge array of powers and skills from “the Power Cosmic,” Thanos’ powers are augmented by way of using superior know-how, and numerous characters get their powers from the mysterious world of magic – and it’s magic we’ll be specializing in right here.

It’s not precisely a easy activity to quantify magical powers – in any case, it’s not as if there’s a magical equal of a weight scale to measure them – however this text will give it a rattling good attempt! Here are ten characters from Marvel Comics whose magical energy places them amongst probably the most highly effective within the Marvel universe (observe that this listing will keep away from the completely incalculable and boring god-like characters – in addition to the paranormal entities that sorcerers invoke to carry out spells – so as to focus extra on these characters who needed to study their magical craft the arduous means. In different phrases, don’t look forward to finding the likes of Cyttorak, Shuma Gorath or the Vishanti right here).

10. Clea
9. Brother Voodoo
eight. Modred the Mystic
7. Umar
6. Loki
5. Baron Mordo
four. Scarlet Witch
three. Merlin
2. Doctor Strange
1. Dormammu

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